Friday, March 09, 2007

Hello everybody:) I am covered with sand at the moment. Field work will do that to you. Today we here at Virgin Islands Cultural Resources Management have opened up Unit 11, the pit in which we will be reburying the human remains washed up at Cinnamon Bay. Our 1X2 m grid is set, the sterile sand has been removed, and we are in the process of excavating Level 1. Many visitors have had positive things to say after learning about the purpose of the excavation, and those are always nice to hear.
In other news, the artifacts in Unit 10 are almost fully catalogued (Unit 10 was the excavation of the greathouse kitchen floor). Susanna has been hard at work cataloguing as well as greeting the multitude of visitors we have had in the lab. Kourtney is continuing to identify human skeletal remains and separate those from animal remains. Her work is very important to the Cinnamon Bay reburial project, and we are lucky to have her expertise on the subject.
Ken recently did a presentation for a group of philanthropists associated with the Trust for Public Land. The group then visited our lab at Cinnamon Bay to learn more about our current archaeological projects. They saw the excavtion of Unit 11, and Ken also told them about our plans for the museum.

I hope everyone is staying warm in the colder climates up north and I will catch up with you all next week:) Bye!

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Krissy (former intern) said...


I'm glad to hear that the remains are finally getting reburied, and that you have an osteologist to help out! Please tell Kourtney that "Team Canadia says Hi!!" (she should understand!)

Keep up the good work everyone!