Monday, September 18, 2006


Cinnamon Bay Beach and the Archeology Lab

The archeology program is slowly awakening from it's summer slumber, although there's hardly a soul on the beach. There are no interns as yet, as it is too hot too stay in the tents and the threat of hurricanes keep Cinnamon Bay campgrounds closed for this month. Nevertheless, Ken and Susanna have been seen doing archeological monitoring of road crews digging holes for traffic counters. However, they do enjoyed staying cool at the Biosphere in the air-conditioned office working on the collections, getting ready for the regional archivist or performing underwater archeological investigations of a historic anchors for our Archeological Sites Management Information System (ASMIS)

Submerged Historic Anchor

Earlier this week, while finally completing the annual inventory, Susanna spotted the 1707 Danish silver Kroner coin and an almost new silver 10 kroner coin dating to 1714, both in the Cinnamon Bay Historic collection. These coins were instumental in helping the park determine the archeological record and the story of the people who lived at Cinnamon Bay before the Islands were offically colonized by the Danes in 1718. The archeological record of this shoreline indicates that the area was occupied decades before official Danish colonization in 1718. This is a fascinating period of St. John history involving Amerindians, Africans, Settlers and Pirates! More information about the Settlement at Cinnamon Bay may be found at the Friends of the Park Website.

Authentic Danish Kroner


Melissa Barton said...

Glad to see some posting again--I look forward to more. Someday I will make it to VINP!

I have been thinking of trying to start a similar blog for another park's Friends group, and I had some questions about how you keep this blog running. If someone willing to answer my questions could email me at rosettastonesblog AT gmail DOT com, I'd really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I thought maybe you guys had disappeared. I've been checking the blog every day. It's good to see something's starting to happen again. I'm trying to write an arch. theory paper right now but it's tough going. After living in the Caribbean being in school again is like being in prison. I miss you guys.

Barry Keegan said...

Very impressive finds, web site, and overall work bing done. I saw the Cinnamon Bay HQ in '03 and it looks like you have been busy! About the 1707 coin, it is a 1767 "Dansk Americansk" VI Skilling (Danish American 6 skilling), Minted for use in the Virgin Islands, Check the obverse for the crowned initial "C" for Christian VII (1766-1808), p.17 "The Colonial Coinage of the U.S. Virgin Islands", by Lincoln W. Higgie, 1962. Chuck Pishco of VIHS knows more about VI coins than I do. Great find! Barry Keegan