Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Farewell to James

Intern James Trombetti left today to return home to Kentucky. Although James was a biology major, he took a great interest in archeology. He was a hard worker and excellent asset to the team. As an intern James worked on Cinnamon Bay shoreline, Trunk Bay, and Turtle Point excavations, while also assisting in mapping, historic structure preservation, and interpretation. He will be missed by everyone. James is planning on attending Ranger School in the fall to become a law enforcement Park Ranger. Good luck James!


Kristen Maize said...

Goodbye James,
Thanks for all your hard work!
Friends of the Park appreciates your efforts. Goodluck and keep in touch!

mike247worldwide said...

I'm sure we'll cross paths again some day. Meanwhile: Go Steelers!

Take care man.